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    They are by far, the best insurance company I have dealt with and would recommend them to anyone in the industry‎ News Insurance Services fred165 client They are very professional and have great service. They save over $700 with a better coverage for me. Insurance Basics To mitigate the risk of loss, people purchase insurance policies from a company. When buying a policy, the person agrees to pay a premium, which is small, regular payment based on the losses that may occur. If the insurance provider determines there is a greater chance of risk as compared to the average policy, the premium is usually higher. Premiums are often paid monthly, and can add up over time up to be greater than the expense of replacing the insured item.
    The amount the policyholder must pay before an insurance policy begins covering an expense is called the deductible. In the event of damage or loss to whatever the policy covers, the policyholder is responsible for the deductible no matter what. If the cost of damage or loss is less than the deductible amount, the insurance company does not pay anything. If the cost is greater than the deductible, the policyholder only pays the deductible, while the insurance pays the rest. Generally, the deductible amount is related to your premium, with a higher deductible usually requiring a lower premium, and vice-versa. Insurance Agents. 2503 Eastbluff Dr Ste 201, Newport Beach, CA 92660 (949) 645-6000. - Select - Flat Pitch - Asphalt - Tile - Slate - Wood shakes Other. MORE TESTIMONIALS sterling auto insurance quotes.