Rennaissance Festival

Another wonderful Renaissance Festival for the kids! Big thanks to Janousz & Rowina and their 2015 Renaissance Crew! The Opening Ceremony kept the stage rockin’ and tears rollin’. The gift of a Torres Strait Islander Feasting Ceremony prepared by Uncle Phil and the kids for the festival community filled our hearts and bellies. Thank-you kids! You rock! So long, see you all again next time….

Uncle Phil painting up kids ‘big and small’ for the Opening Ceremony

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Gnarnayarrahe Waitiarie (Uncle Joey) and Uncle Phil presenting traditional dances with the kids at the Opening Ceremony … Look out! Show-off dance the higher you swing up your leg, the prettier your wife will be. Uncle Phil is doing a deadly job! :)

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Uncle Phil and the kids preparing a Torres Strait Islander Feasting Ceremony for the festival community …. scraping coconuts to go with the Golden Angels, yummy! :)

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Making fried scones and singing the Golden Angel Song with the kids at Rennaissance Festival 2014 in Melbourne :)

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Storytelling with the kids

Closing Ceremony on the last day

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