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    Mendota Insurance Company is exclusively an founded in 1989 cheap car to insure for 18 year old boy. It is a subsidiary of Kingsway Financial Services and is a publicly traded company. Based in Minnesota, Mendota provides from several companies and start saving money today! For over 20 years Mendota has been selling personal auto insurance policies and is now licensed to sell policies in all but 8 states. It started as a traditional insurance company, but quickly became an internet based company. All work from the platform of the internet and all services are provided online.

    Since this is the general goal of almost all insurance companies, the way that Mendota decided to stand out was by offering personal auto insurance only. There are no other insurance policies offered by Mendota. The switch to a completely internet based company happened about 15 years after the founding of the company. As the focus of consumers shifted to the internet and internet purchases soared, Mendota decided to have all of its agents switch exclusively to the internet. The switch did cause them to lose some customers who wanted a traditional alternative such as going into a local office. However, they also gained customers who wanted the convenience of handling everything online through an automated system.

    Mendota Auto Insurance Policy Options Mendota personal auto insurance policies are customized to the needs of the policy holder. They insure good drivers as well as those who have difficulty finding insurance coverage due to a negative driving record. A negative driving record could be the result of moving violations, unpaid tickets, at-fault accidents, DUIs , a suspended license, or unpaid auto insurance. Mendota believes that having a balance of all different kinds of drivers gives them a good basis for writing policies and charging a variety of auto insurance premiums .

    For those who purchase a personal auto insurance policy through Mendota, the entire process and future contact is done online. Quotes, updates to policies, discounts , and support are all handled by agents and customer service representative through chat and via e-mail. The benefits of having an online system are: Convenience Quickly answered questions 24/7 claim service Since are filed online, service is available anytime, any day. You can still send an e-mail or call the toll free number if you have a question about your claim.

    Premium payments can be made online with a debit card or credit card. Automatic withdraw from a checking account can be set up as well. Any changes that need to occur to your account can be made online by logging into your personal account. Everything is set up for convenience and easy access.
    M. Best , an independent ratings company. The B- status is a fair status that is given to companies that are fairly financially secure, but would not be able to withstand changes in the economy or a large amount of claims filed at one time. The company is currently under review due to the negative rating. This means that A.M.
    Mendota is fully cooperating with the review of their company and is making the necessary changes. As the review is taking place, Mendota customers can rest assured that their policy remains the same and, if a claim is filed, it will be paid out according to the terms of the policy. The Minnesota Department of Insurance will back up the claims filed until the review is over and the financial rating is upgraded. Start saving money today by entering your zip code to from several companies!.
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    Aside from our homes, our car is probably one of our biggest and most important investments. Do you still remember the first time you got your brand new car? You would probably treat it with the utmost care, almost as you would with a baby. We want to make sure that it will not be affected by any scratch or tear. How much more when we talk about accidents and potential damage when on the road? We can never predict what will happen to us when we’re driving.

    Because of this, we want to be able to find an insurance company that can help protect and safeguard the things that matter most to us. Mendota Insurance Company understands these needs, and have provided insurance protection for personal products for the past few decades. © 1991 - 2016 Automobile. TEN: The Enthusiast Network.

    Mendota seniors pay $1599 in insurance compared to Madera West ( ), Volta ( ), Firebaugh ( ) and California ( ) mendota car insurance quotes. In Mendota, senior men pay $60 less. Mendota Insurance Company began in 1989 in Eagan, Minnesota, and is a branch that is owned by Kingsway Financial Services who are one of the fastest growing property and casualty insurance companies in the North American region. Mendota Insurance Company, along with Kingsway Financial has made it their goal to become one of the top providers of specialty insurance in the United States.