• is georgia a no fault state auto insurance

    Motor vehicle owners and lessees in this state are required to maintain continuous mandatory liability insurance coverage on their vehicle(s) to: usa auto insurance number. traffic violation in connection with the accident will go a long way. The law also provides penalties for doctors who commit fraud, provisions designed to reduce opportunities to use the no-fault auto insurance system for illicit profits is georgia a no fault state auto insurance. Another provision reduces the pressure on insurers to pay fraudulent claims because there is too little time to fully investigate.

    These differences persist even after partially controlling for other factors that may influence these costs, such as climate, the road system, and density of the population. The law, which took effect in July 2012, was to be implemented in several stages. In January 2013 the two components that have been the subject of lawsuits were put into effect: injured drivers and their passengers must seek initial medical treatment from a hospital, family doctor or chiropractor within 14 days of the incident; and the type of treatment sought must reflect the extent of the injuries they have sustained. Where the injured person does not require emergency medical attention, the limit for medical care is $2,500 rather than the full $10,000 in PIP benefits.