Please contact Uncle Phil for booking inquiries via

email (first instance) or

mobile 0457 069 664.

Please connect via Facebook:


  1. Thanks for calling unk. I was hoping to talk to you again. It was very special to meet you that day. The spirits of this place made sure that we meet up. I like the picture on your web site. Just the other day I was thinking that we should do a cook up like that down at the park and make an occasion of it by inviting the local non indigenous as well as all the blackfellas. That would be a great reason for you doing a similar speech as the one that got video’d 2 days ago. Sometimes bad things happen for a greater purpose. Still, it was a good phone!

  2. Hey yaba, this is Anthony Kelly, thanks for making me see, gabidandrayge (proper way), will copy the books u lent me and send them back, can not wait to teach my kids about the real magic, see u soon Targi…..

    Sending love to u and your tribe’s


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