• car insurance is a waste of money

    The likelihood of it happening is remote, though, and insurance or not, that driver would be financially responsible for their actions. I sincerely hope that it’s many, many, many years before either of us would be in that position but you just never know. no it's not awaste of money . What happens if you get into an accident and you have no insurance?. Can a limited licence (OLL) or bread and butter licence be flexible?. Life Insurance is optional, not necessary. Obviously as the insured you don't collect but some people want to leave money to take care of funeral expenses or to ensure mortgages are paid off, etc. It really depends on your individual financial and family situation. There are some products out there that actually generate money for you that you can borrow against etc.

    There is a lot more to it than you might think. Local Nation & World Entertainment Offbeat KOMO Investigators Consumer Videos Auto Matters Connect to Congress Business Tech Don't Miss Election Tracking Terror. 'A tragic day': Shooter kills 4 victims, then himself, at rural Mason Co. home. Comprehensive insurance covers damages caused to your car by natural accidents .

    ). The two types of insurance that make up full coverage protect you against different things car insurance is a waste of money. Collision coverage pays for damage done to your car when you're driving it. If you get in an accident with another car or you drive into the side of a building, that's when you use your collision coverage. Comprehensive covers just about every other type of damage.

    But I look at it this way, if you get hit by someone without insurance it's goddamn hell. So by forcing everyone, including yourself to have it, then you cover the bases. Accidental death covers you in some, although by no means all, of the ways you could die accidentally -- that is, perishing due to something other than disease or old age cheapest car insurance plans. One of the feature of that card is that it has primary collision insurance which is what enterprise charging you for $9 a day. Assuming you have auto insurance, that will cover your liability part.
  • auto insurance is a waste of money

    What Is Collision Coverage – Do You Need It in Your Auto Insurance?. "Sorry, but the whole thing has scam written all over it which is the best car hire excess insurance. Finance companies and banks requiring that their collateral be insured is one thing, and I'm fine with that, but the state requiring me to insure my Jeep, which is fully paid off and gets less than 1000 miles put on it per year, is just plain stupid." I don't know of any state that requires you to keep collision coverage.
    I just got this in a spam email, but it makes a lot of valid points:. You can have the sunshine, I will take the moonshine. If you already have health insurance, medical payments coverage and the medical coverage portion of PIP may be redundant, says Lynch. If you own a home you need homeowner’s insurance. Just like auto insurance homeowners insurance can be broken down into two parts. (Or more depending on where you live!). Life Events College Planning Kids & Money Marriage & Divorce Jobs. You can easily get and compare quotes from different companies at: INSTANT-INSURANCE .NET.
    I am going to pay them monthly and if I happen to get into an accident I will still have to pay them something. I figure that if I can take the money I am going to pay them and put it aside for an emergency it would be a better use of money. It's the millions THEY have to cover when you get sued for dun goofin, hitting another vehicle and having that driver be a paraplegic for the rest of their life. It sounds terrible, but a funeral cost is WAY cheaper to pay for then medical bills for the next 60 years.
    Water companies have made an aggressive push to sell policies that cover the repair of the water line that runs from the street to your house. The odds are in your favor that you will never use this coverage, particularly if you live in a newer home. If you live an average suburban neighborhood and you do need to repair the water line, the distance to the street is short, the likelihood of a problem is low and repair costs are a few thousand dollars or less. The same goes for policies offered by other utility companies.