• best auto insurance in nj reviews

    My husband and I have been insured with NJM for over 30 years best auto insurance in nj reviews. We have always had our claims paid in a timely and reliable manner, we have always received dividend checks at the end of the term, and we have never had any problems with them. Nowadays, people believe that using these insurance companies that pay millions of dollars to advertise their services on TV, radio, and on-line with gimmicky 'characters' is serving them. Think about it, people, if they are spending all this money advertising, they are going to cut corners elsewhere. New Jersey Manufacturers is pure insurance, no gimmicks, and in business for almost forever.
  • best car insurance in nj reviews

    When I got married over 20 years ago, my husband had NJM Auto Insurance insurance auto halifax.  We insured both of our cars with them and our home.  We never had a problem with them.  Whenever there was a claim they put an agent on the case and the money came through in a timely manner.  They were always polite and professional.  I now live in Massachusetts and wish I could have kept my insurance with them.  I'm still looking.

    auto insurance in nj reviews