• auto insurance us virgin islands

    I agree car insurance companies in fort walton beach florida. I don't see where there's a fight. Your policy either does or doesn't cover you for a rental in the USVI. It's the policy that you bought. When we're renting vehicles in the VI, our coverage is coming from the credit card company, not our car insurance policy. Reading others experiences with car rental and minimal damage (usually there before rental) auto insurance us virgin islands.
    Both companies have denied me coverage stating - how can they be sure I rent in the U.S. Virgin Islands, also stating my policy doesn't cover me there. YET, I read blogs from others about problems with rentals in STT and they state their insurance in the states covered them.
  • car insurance us virgin islands

    As industry experts closely monitor the market, the state of the insurance industry continues to fluctuate car insurance us virgin islands. This can be confusing for business owners trying to forecast future insurance costs while experts try to project whether insurance premiums will rise and by how much. My credit card (citi mastercard) also offers coverage for car rentals, but I am the only one allowed to drive cheap auto insurance nv. You should take the document with you. I can personally confirm that Mastercard Gold -does- cover in the VI.
    The rental company was frustrated and very, very rude to me taking out their frustration on me (only contact being a threating letters when matters were completely out of my hands) but other than speed and threats it worked rather seemlessly. Report accident to rental company -- I filled out a form upon turning the car back in. Send in required paperwork (I can't find the original letter of what that was but IIRC it was just the rental agreement, CC statement with the rental, and my current insurance proving I don't have comprehensive) Wait forever for police to turn in their paperwork before giving up. There was some hair pulling so factor in your peace of mind and the potential for lost rental days -- it may not be covered.