Uncle Phil, aka The First Cook, is a respected Torres Strait Islander Elder in the community. He is an inspiring communicator and cultural teacher who uses cooking as a two-way learning experience teaching spirituality, language, dance and storytelling from the Torres Strait Islands in a fun filled and interactive way for any age groups and different cultural backgrounds.

His father is from Badu Island on the Western side of the Torres Strait and his clan totem is Cordell (crocodile). His mother is from Erub (Darnly Island) on the Eastern side of the Torres Strait and her clan totem is Waru (sea turtle). During WW2 his mother and father along with many other Torres Strait Islander were forced to leave their island home and were relocated on the mainland of Australia. Uncle Phil grew up in Mackay and is one of the first generation of Torres Strait Islander born on the mainland. He loves his cultural heritage and taking part in the traditional preparation and hunting of food that has provided a healthy diet for his people for many thousands of years.

He developed a cultural affirmation and exchange program that teaches Torres Strait Islander culture, food preparation, nutritional value of food and healthy lifestyle choices in a fun filled and interactive way for any age groups and different cultural backgrounds.

Uncle Phil teaches Torres Strait Islander culture at kindergartens, schools and festivals and works with childcare agencies, community organisations, not-for-profit organisations, councils, etc.

Uncle Phil hosted Kup Murri feasts at NAIDOC Day, Sorry Day, Mabo Day, Survival Day, Reconciliation Week, Harmony Day, Aboriginal Men Camps, Aboriginal Family and Community Gatherings, Primary Schools, Dance Festivals including Yemaya Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Fest La Frog, Maitreya Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, and many other community events.

Uncle Phil holds Certificate IV Education and Training and Diploma Aboriginal Community Development.

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