Feedback from Shayna Love at the Oka Camp Out @ Mt Warning, February 2016:

“extremely gratefull to have been involved in this wonderfull process on friday @ wollumbin called a ‘Kup Murri’, which is the traditional Torres Strait Islander ceremonial practice of cooking underground using natural resources … i watched from the start, the mens digging a big hole in the morning, lots of different elements going into the pit, i helped out with some food prep, then watched them cover it & the smell of the food cooking was driving us all crazy … the result, well this is just the chicken, best chook i ever had, baked in lemon myrtle, orange & banana leaves, so juicy so tender, there was also leg of lamb & kangaroo, served with green cabbage, potatoes, sweet potato & pumpkin, all cooked in banana leaves in the kup-murri, which we ate off fresh banana leaves with our hands & i gotta say it was one of the best meals/experiences i have ever had <3”

Feedback from Elissa McMillan, Community Planning Officer, City of Moonee Valley, at the 2015 Wurundjeri Recognition Plaque Launch:

“Hi Uncle Phil,


Thank you so much for being a part of our event yesterday.

The afternoon tea was just delicious and presented so beautifully.

There is a photo below of you speaking – thank you for sharing your story.


We look forward to working with you again in the future.


All the best,


Credit: Arlene Sachon Photography

Feedback from Janet, Castlemaine resident and organiser of the Kup Murri Feasting Ceremony for Castlemaine’s 2015 NAIDOC celebrations:

“It was a great day on Friday, thanks you both so much for all the amazing work and energy you put into the day being a wonderful community event for NAIDOC week… Uncle Phil, I think you handled the site and difficulties very well and as ever your amazing charisma and energy brought everything together at the right time. You called in your friends to assist and made the preparation a joy. And the effort to bring the dugong was a real bonus, the people were really chuffed with that. And Sonja, working with you is such a breeze, no stress and you making everything happen in the background with no stress, it was a real pleasure. I value your offerings very highly, I am honoured to have been a part of it, thank you”
Feedback from Elisse, teacher from The Song Room:

“What an honour and joy to have worked with Uncle Phil at ‘The Song Room’. These kids won’t forget their first journey in to language and Torres Strait Islander culture.”
Testimonial from Bronwen, Castlemaine resident:

“To Whom It May Concern – I have worked with Uncle Phil and Sonja on a number of projects over the last three years, including

– A Kup Murri at Reconciliation Week

– The First Celebration of ‘The Coming of the Light’ in Castlemaine

– The first Children’s Day Celebration s.

At all of these events Uncle Phil and Sonja drew in the community through reciprocal helping, their cooking, and their stories. Young and old were given a glimpse of the culture of the Torres Strait Islands amidst much laughter.”
Feedback from Josy, Yemaya Festival patron (www.yemayafestival.com):

“Thank-you muchly for giving such necessary guidance and doing so with such awesome gentleness. Winging much love your way.”
Feedback from Janusz, Renaissance  Festival Organiser (www.renaissancefestival.com.au):

“… without you Renaissance would’ve been an another camping trip xxxxxxxxxx … brother ….. Janusz”
Feedback from Natalia, Renaissance Festival patron:

“Uncle Phil and Aunty Sonja…. it was a blessing to see you. My girls love spending time with you…. they soak everything in and pass on the joy…. bless you both :)”
Feedback from Kylie, Renaissance Festival patron:

“We LOVE you Uncle Phil”
Testimonial from Nicole Findlay, Northern Indigenous Employment (NIE) Working Group Member, WISE Employment, Project Manager (Indigenous Opportunities):

“Uncle Phil is the go to man for Indigenous catering.
Anything you need Uncle Phil can always accommodate you.

He brings culture and food together like no other in the catering industry.

His traditional food blessings give our guests an appreciation of Uncle Phil’s Torres Strait Islander heritage and his passion for food.

Everyone loves his Angel Cakes and if they’re on the menu, you need to be quick!

The First Cook offers a wonderful selection of Indigenous culinary treats and Uncle Phil is always happy to bring cultural artefacts to an event.

His business brings culture from the sea and food from Mother Earth and this is why we all go to Uncle Phil for our events.”

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Link to Vimeo ‘A Kup Murri in Centennial Park Sydney’: http://vimeo.com/47690009

Link to ABC Open ‘What’s your story?’: https://open.abc.net.au/openregions/vic-central-51bX8hh/posts/torres-strait-islanders-49fg4ub
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